Thus, Sami continues it's pursuit for excellence in quality and perfection in manufacture so that the customers get only the best.

At Sami, our commitment to quality commences from the plough land. We get our raw material for processing from the farms which are located in identified agro-climatic zones. The inherent color, pungency, and aroma of the spice or the herb is related to the soil conditions, rain pattern, relative humidity of the location and above all the cultural practices the farmer employs.

The purchase team of Sami spices takes utmost care in the selection and procurement of specific raw materials from specific locations so that it gets the required colour, pungency and purity. Our team not only tours the various production and marketing centers to establish direct contacts with the farmers and the traders, but also ensures that quality raw material with optimum active ingredients is made available. While purchasing the raw materials, it is also ensured that the percentage of active principles is higher and corresponds with the acceptance levels.

Besides contract farming, Sami also undertakes trial cultivation of certain varieties in its captive farm for further multiplication. This arrangement of backward integration helps us in maintaining consistency in quality and timely delivery. Every little ingredient cultivated undergoes careful scrutiny before it is processed.



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