Botanical Name
: Allium sativum
Family Name
: Liliaceae
Name in some International Languages
Spanish - Ajo
Arabic - Thum
Chinese - Suan
Flavour Characteristics
Pungent, Sulfurous and strong odour
Usage Profile
Foods, and Medicines
Commercial part
Harvesting Season
December to January
Sami's Product
Garlic Oil


Sami's Product
Garlic Oil
Garlic Oil is derived from the crushed bulbs of garlic, Allium sativum Linn. They have a powerful and obnoxious odour due to the presence of disulphides. The bulbs contain 0.06% to 0.1% of volatile oil whose active constituents are propyl /-disulphide, alliin and allicin. The yellow oil of garlic is a valuable flavouring agent in perfumery, as insect repellant. Allicin present in volatile oil is a powerful antibacterial.
Garlic Oil
Product : Garlic Oil 
Description Liquid  : Yellow Orange to Yellow Brown 
Organoleptic Test  : Strong Characteristic Odour &Taste
Extraction : By Steam Distillation
Additive : Nil
Solubility : Soluble in most Fixed oil & Mineral Oil and insoluble in Glycyrine
Heavy metals : Not more than 20 ppm as Pb Not more than 3 ppm as Arsenic
Non volatile matter : Nil
Wt.MI : 1.02 – 1.09 at 25° c
R.I : 1.552-1.509
Garlic Oleoresin
Product : Garlic Oleoresin 
Description : Brown Thick Paste with characteristic  odour
Organoleptic Test  : Characteristic Flavour
Extraction : By 80% Methanol
Additive : Max.8% Glycyrine
Water Solubility : Not less than 70%
Alcohol Solubility  : Not less than 60% (50% v/v)
Total Ash : Not more than 3%
Heavy metals as Pb : Not more than 30 ppm
Volitile Oil content : Not less than 1%

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