PROCESSING FACILITY - With right technology on quality raw materials

SAMI SPICES manufactures high quality spice products in its state-of-the-art processing facilities, situated at Mysore and Kunigal in Karnataka ( India ). The products manufactured include spice powders, spice essential; oils, oleoresins and other value-added spice-based formulations. Modern technology, good manufacturing practices and stringent quality control on raw materials, processes and finished products ensure high quality and product consistency.


- The manufacture of spice products  generally involves the following unit


    Raw material selection and preparation
    Extraction and /or Distillation
    Separation processes
    Mixing /Blending
With its proximity to the plantations, high grade raw material is assured at SAMI SPICES. The material for processing is carefully selected using sophisticated quality tests. The various unit operations are carried out using mechanized technology, eliminating human handling operations to a great extent. This ensures uniformity in production, avoids contamination and affirms reproducibility and consistency of products from batch to batch.

The production facility contains adequate numbers of reactors, extractors, distillation vessels, centrifuges, nutsche filters, vacuum driers, fluid bed driers, rapid mixture granulators, sifting, milling and blending equipment.




All essential utilities such as DG sets, vacuum pumps, compressed air units, oil heating systems, are available


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