Botanical Name
: Mentha piperita 
Mentha spicata
Mentha arvensis
Family Name
: Lamiaceaee
Name in some International Languages
Flavour Characteristics
Pungent, Aromatic, Strong odour of menthol etc.
Usage Profile
Medicines, toiletries, cigarettes etc.
Commercial part
Leaf and flowering top of the plant
Harvesting Season
Through out the year
Sami's Product
: Mint oil


Sami's Product
Mint Oil
Mint oil also known as peppermint oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh flowering tops of Mentha Piperita containing not less than 50 percent of total I-menthol. The active constituent of mint oil is menthol. The other constituents are enthone, menthofuran, and jasmine (responsible for pleasant flavour). It is used as a carminative, stimulant, aromatic, counter-irritant and also as a mild antiseptic. It is popularly used as a flavouring agent in tooth pastes, chewing gums, essence and perfumes.
Colour : Yellow 
Odour : Strong Penetrating Peppermint Odour and pungent taste
Sp. Gravity  : 0.896 to 0.908
Ref. Index : 1.460 to 1.470
Optical Rotation : -18° to -30°

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