Dehydrated White Onion Kibbled (Flakes)
Colour : White to cream, Yellowish
Texture  : Firm and Crisp
Flavour & odour  : Strong and clear, Typical pungent taste, Free from flavours and odours.
Defects : Includes any material  which is part of Onion and conforms to the product specifications.
Quality : Well cleaned free from foreign matter, magnet selected and metal detected through  an ultra search electronic metal detection system.  Free of impurity, strange stuff, Bad Seeds.
Microbiological Data       M
Total viable count : 300,000/g   max
Coliforms  : 100/g      max
E.Coli  : Absent/g    max
Salmonella  : Absent/25g max
Yeast & Mould  : 2000/g        max
Chemical Data
Moisture (Percent by wt.) 
: 6% max
- Where M = Maximum Number of Bacteria permitted in one sample
- Note  : Bacteriological values vary from batch to batch production.
: Storage of product shall be under normal warehouse but under Approx. 15 degrees temperature, off the floor and away from walls.
Shelf Life: 
: Shelf life for sealed poly bags is typically 12 months or more if stored in optimum condition.
Garlic Extract De-Odourised (Thick paste)
: Brown paste with negligible Odour of Garlic
Total Ash
: Not more than 4%
Water soluble extractives 
: Not less than 60%
Vol. Oil content 
: Not more than 0.1%
Pyruvic Acid  : Not less than 1.5%

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