- Corporate Office - Bangalore

Sami Labs is an export oriented enterprise involved in the manufacturing and exporting of extracts of spices, herbs, botanical and fine chemicals. The company was established by an enterpreneur Dr. Muhammed Majeed in 1991. The company which started off as a small unit at Singasandra in Bangalore has made remarkable strides over the past five years. Today Sami has achieved an impressive growth recording a turnover of over Rs 68 Crores in its exports.

  The company has four manufacturing units in Karnataka - Singasandra, Kunigal, Nilamangala and Mysore where various extracts and herbal products are manufactured in compliance with cGMP standards. Its R&D and QC facilities have been recognized by the Government of India.  
 - Kunigal Factory - Bangalore

Sami is also into the cultivation of various spices and herbs in specific locations in India using modern scientific farming practices to enable sourcing of quality raw materials.

 - Mysore Factory  

Sami believes that each product is unique and hence every product is given special attention. Much research goes into the manufacture of every product and this is what makes the products from Sami unique. As a result Sami has successfully carved a niche for itself in the market for value added natural products the world over.
 - Nilamangala Factory - Bangalore

Sami continues to forge ahead through innovation in production, processing and product manufacturing in line with its customer demand across the world.




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